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Black Sunflowers

Black Sunflowers

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The black sunflower seeds are inshell seeds , which are easy to open and are rich in fat and protein. They are used for oil pressing, human consumption and for producing sunflower kernels. Primary ingredients in wild bird food mixes.

Subject of Specification
Product name: Black sunflower seeds
Origin: Bulgaria


Product features
Colour: dark grey, almost black
Smell and taste: normal odour, flavour typical of sunflower seeds
Quality: purity- min 99,00 %
  free from stones, glass, metal, wood, hairs and plastic


Physical Features
Impurities / plant based / : Max  0,50 %
Moisture: Max  8,0 %
Peeled seeds : Max  0,5 %
Broken seeds: Max  10,0 %
Insect damage: Max  2,0 %


Non- GMO and No Allergens
The black sunflower seeds are Non-GMO.
The black sunflower seeds do not contain allergens.
Private packing and private labeling are available for this product, for more information please contact us
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