Top 10 Sugar Producing Countries

Top 10 Sugar Producing Countries

Sugarcane Fields

Sugars are water-soluble carbon compound made-up of simplest group carbohydrates that sweet tasting in nature. There are seven types of sugar- glucose, sucrose, fructose, maltose, lactose and galactose. The sugarcane was the first cultivated sugar crop developed from the wild varieties in the East Indies- probably New Guinea.

Top Sugar Producing Countries of the World

1. Brazil

Sugarcane is the main product source of sugar in this country. South-Central region of Brazil is the heart of the sugarcane Industry in the country. This also makes the Brazil one of the largest producers of ethanol (used as a fuel power automobile) from residual molasses.


Sugar Producing Region: South-Central region

Production (Int $1000): 23,454,723 

Production (MT): 721,077,287

2. India

India is one of the largest exporters of sugar worldwide. Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Bihar are the sugar producing regions of the country.


Sugar Producing Region: Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Bihar

Production (Int $1000): 10,623,396 

Production (MT): 361,037,000

3. China, mainland

China has very enriched history of sugarcane cultivation dated from 4th century but till 654 AD, they were not aware of refining sugar from sugarcane. Although, it is one of the largest sugar producing country but majority of its products used in domestic. So, it import sugar in order to meet it demand of sugar.


Sugar Producing Region: South and Southwest regions

Production (Int $1000): 3,448,771   

Production (MT): 123,460,500

4. Thailand

This country is the largest exporter of sugar in the world due to low demand of sugar in its domestic market. Its massive sugarcane cultivation complimented with the ideal rainfall, improved cane varieties and excessive use of quality fertilizers. It is also a major exporter of molasses products obtained from sugarcane syrups and solids.


Sugar producing regions: North & North-east region

Production (Int $1000): 3,168,770   

Production (MT): 98,400,000

5. Pakistan     

Sugarcane is the main cash crops of the country that helps the economy of Pakistan to a significant degree. After meeting its domestic demand, it exports sugar to the neighbouring countries like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and other central Asian countries.


Sugar producing regions: Punjab, Sind and North-west province

Production (Int $1000): 1,727,002   

Production (MT): 58,397,000

6. Mexico       

It has emerged as a leading producer of sugarcane mainly to yield sustainable bio-energy from sugarcane by-products.


Sugar producing regions: Western, Eastern and Southern part of Mexico

Production (Int $1000): 1,672,929

Production (MT): 50,946,483

7. Colombia   

This is the only country where sugarcane is harvested throughout the year especially in the Cauca River Valley.


Sugar producing region: Cauca River Valley

Production (Int $1000): 1,236,257   

Production (MT): 33,363,560

8. Philippines

Sugarcane is the main cash crop of the country because it gives around 0.7 million employment. It produces sugarcane to meet its domestic demand as well as to meet the US export quota.


Sugar producing region: Negros, Mindanao, Luzon, Panay islands and Eastern Visayas

Production (Int $1000): 927,129      

Production (MT): 32,000,000

9. Indonesia   

The country has emerged as among the top10 sugar producing countries but the processing facilities are not impressive due to a lack of refineries to enable direct consumption of its own produced sugar. Hence, it exports its own sugarcane for processed and import the refines sugar for its own.


Sugar producing region: Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi

Production (Int $1000): 864,979

Production (MT): 28,700,000

10. United States of America

It is the fifth largest consumer of sugar that forces them to the cultivation of sugarcane. The majority of the sugarcane cultivation comes from Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Texas.


Sugar producing region: Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Texas.

Production (Int $1000): 861,971      

Production (MT): 29,235,877

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